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electric guitar lessons
electric guitar lessons
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Dear Friends,
If you learn to play Guitar, Bass, Drums or Piano, playing a musical instrument is a wonderful hobby and profession that many enjoy with family and friends. In fact, every year more people taking the steps to learn to play their favorite instrument increases in popularity around the world.

Have you ever seen a professional musician play guitar and thought " I wish I knew how to play like that?" Well now you can!

You, like all aspiring musicians, are eager to begin the journey of becoming a confident skilled musician but.....

You're not sure where to start .
The techniques seem to difficult and would take a great deal of time to learn
Paying $30-$50 per lesson from a private instructor is simply too expensive
learn how to plat guitar
Are You Next?

If this sounds like you.....there's GREAT NEWS.... You're Not Alone

Maybe you would like to learn to play piano and arrange your own composition to the delight of friends and family.

Perhaps you would like to learn to play bluegrass banjo or mandolin songs you've loved over the years.

We Have A Solution For All Of You!

With Our Guitar Lessons, Bass Lessons, Drum Lessons, Piano Lessons and Bluegrass Lessons You Can Learn Online For Beginners the PROVEN Formulas From The Stars

What Seperates Our Lessons From The Rest

guitar lesson advantages
Our lessons are taught by a reputable instructors that have performed countless tours and are heard on radios everyday throughout the world. Now, you can use the exact same systems that thousands are using from our instructors to learn their favorite instrument quickly and easily!
guitar lesson advantages
We Utilize the latest technology.All of our DVD's are produced digitally to take full advantage of the current inherent benefits of DVD navigation and features.
guitar lesson advantages
All titles are at least one hour in running time. Our DVD's vary from 60 minutes to as 3 hours long.Our titles are usually almost twice the running time of many DVD's currently on the market
guitar lesson advantages
Guitar Tablature: most of our Our titles feature on-screen tablature and fully interactive lesson library and also includes an FREE download "e-Book" containing all the lessons in your DVD.
guitar lesson advantages
Save Money! Hundreds of dollars worth of private lessons all in one package! You will gain a wealth of knowledge and and not strain your wallet -- at the same time!

And Best Of All It's Guaranteed -- For One Year!

Many people still believe that becoming a confident skilled guitar player is an extremely difficult uphill battle or you have to be "blessed" with the natural gift of playing the guitar.

100% Iron-Clad Guarantee

That's right! You are covered by a super-generous one year money back guarantee. If these lessons don't jump-start your playing, we will gladly refund your money. This offer is too good to pass up!

"If A Dog Had A Thumb... I Could Show It How To Play Guitar".
- Charles Sedlak (Guitar Instructor)

It doesn't matter if you are brand new at trying to learn on guitar, or maybe you can already "carry a fine tune" but seem to find yourself stuck in a rut and is desperately searching for new ways to expand your boundaries. We will show you ways to increase your skill level and save countless hundreds of dollars in private lessons.

I can assure anyone, regardless of previous experience, with the proper instructors and proper method, playing the guitar can be a joyful experience that you can posses as well as share with others for the rest of your life.

Learn How To Play Guitar

learn guitar video
learn lead guitar video
blues guitar video
Learn to Play Guitar: Step 1
Lead Guitar Lessons
Blues Guitar Lessons

Patrick McCormick presents an easy and educational step by step guitar lessons method for you to learn to play the guitar! If you are a beginning guitarist looking to learn to play guitar along with your favorite songs in a few short lessons, then Learning Guitar Step 1 is for you. Learn Open Chords, Barre Chords, Major Scales, Minor Scales, Finger Exercises, Chord Exercises, Power Chords, Whole Steps & Half Steps!

more lessons info

Insider techniques to learning lead guitar. Greg Douglass is a versatile multi-platinum artist who has toured and recorded with Steve Miller, Van Morrison, Greg Kihn, Eddie Money and others. Lead Guitar lessons video is an entertaining and educational 100 Minute tool for today's lead guitar player. Now you can learn to play lead guitar scale patterns, slide techniques, alternate positions, bends and much more.

more lessons info

Charles Sedlak will guide you through a comprehensive step by step introduction to playing Beginners Blues Guitar. Learn the blues guitar techniques made famous by blues guitar greats such as: B.B. King, Chuck Berry, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy and many others! Learn Scales, Bends, Vibrato, Sliding Notes, Double Stops, Hammer-On's - Pull Off's and tons more!

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all stars rock guitar video
learn lead heavy metal guitar video

"All these outstanding videos are well-thought out, clearly presented and highly recommended for self-study"
-Midwest Book Review

Learning Guitar Step 1:
"A+ DVD, I don't know how they can make it any easier to learn!"
-Rikks Revues

Metal Primer Guitar Lessons
"This video is great, its perfect for those guitar players that are looking to speed up their techniques."
- Chris Sandoval

Flamenco Guitar Lessons
He does a good job breaking down the right hand patterns in to smaller segments so that any one can learn them with practice. He also slows them down so they are understandable."
-Ben Martin

More Testimonials

All Stars of Rock Guitar
Heavy Metal Guitar

2-Disc Special Edition! All Stars of Rock Guitar DVD features over 3 hours of lessons from four guitar masters including George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob, Souls Of We), Bruce Kulick (KISS,Solo Artist, Grand Funk Railroad), Jennifer Batten (Solo Artist, Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck), Darrell Roberts (Five Finger Death Punch, W.A.S.P)!

more lessons info

Tommy Bolan (N.Y.C , Warlock) demonstrates guitar licks and tricks to get your fingers shredding across your fretboard now! Learn the step by step guitar patterns and details to many of Tommy’s favorite lead guitar techniques and complete breakdowns of his live and in-studio gear. Learn Warm up Exercises, Scales, Speed Techniques, Tricks, Harmonics, String Skipping and More!

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Learn To Play Hard Rock Guitar Hits

learn kiss songs guitar video
learn twisted sister lead guitar video

Greg Douglass Lead Guitar:
"This is one of the best instructional videos I have bought--and I have bought a lot. Greg is skilled, but he shows you simple and slow ways of making each song sound great. His style is easy to follow and he makes it fun. I have improved very noticeably since I started working with Greg on this DVD. I would recommend it to anyone. Greg rocks!"
-Tramp(Blues Man)

Beginner Blues Guitar Lessons
" I have been having so much fun playing along with this DVD. Every lesson is slowed down so you can really get your fingers around it and understand what is going on. It's great to learn several different blues rhythm patterns and then go through and ad a ton of lead licks and phrases to spice things up. The lead licks are definitely my favorite. This has been the most enjoyable instructional DVD I have used so far. If you are interested in learning how to play some cool blues guitar I can't think of a better place to start. Have fun~."
- Sean Miller

More Testimonials

KISS Forever
Twisted Method

Bob Kulick's contributions to KISS include KISS Alive II, KISS Killers and Paul Stanley's solo album and tour as well as various KISS songwriting credits. Bruce was the lead guitarist for KISS from 1984-1996 and has recorded and written songs with the band as well as toured the world. His work has appeared on many Platinum and Gold KISS classics such as Crazy Nights, Hot In The Shade and Revenge. Learn how to play the Kiss hits Crazy Crazy Nights, Unholy, Forever, Goodbye, All American Man, Large Than Life and More!

more lessons info

Twisted Sister guitarist Eddie "fingers" Ojeda gives Twisted fans throughout the world an up close and personal guide into his rockin' riffs and blazing solos! Now is your chance to learn the complete rhythms and solos to their rock anthems such as "I Wanna Rock" and "Were not Gonna Take It" as well as twisted classics "The Price" and "The Fire Still Burns". Eddie also gives tips and candid conversation about his gear, influences and "Twisted" beginnings.

more lessons info

These courses are packed full of quality step-by-step guitar lessons, guaranteed to get YOU exactly where you want to be!

Learn To Play Acoustic Guitar

learn acoustic guitar video
learn flamenco guitar video
learn fingerstyle guitar video
Learn Acoustic Guitar
Learn Flamenco Guitar
Fingerstyle Guitar

Learn to play acoustic guitar today with international recording and touring artist Charles Sedlak. Learning beginning guitar chords, strumming techniques, arpeggios and progressions have never been as fun or as easy to understand!

more lessons info

Charles Sedlak shows you his tips and tricks to get you started playing flamenco guitar right away.Charles will show you the proper form, technique and strumming patterns as well as some of the widely popular flamenco songs such as: Malagueña, Tarañtas and Soleares.

more lessons info

Learn Fingerstyle Guitar! Now you can learn guitar fingering techniques, thumb techniques, travis picking techniques and Custom Songs. With over 75 minutes of instruction, numerous chapter marks for easy navigation and a fully interactive lesson library: Greg Douglass Fingerstyle is an entertaining and educational tool for today's guitar player.

more lessons info

Imagine learning insider drum lesson tips and tricks from musicians that have performed countless tours. Now, you can use the exact same systems that thousands are using from our instructors to learn their favorite instrument quickly and easily!

Learn How To Play Drums

eric singer drum video
learn beginners drum video

Drums: Coordination & Groove
"Every player who desires to advance and add new "stuff" to their toolkit can benefit from this DVD. It's ALWAYS helpful to see things from different perspectives."

-J. Cefalu

Eric Singer: All Access To Drumming DVD includes FREE CD! - Click Here For Details

Now, you can receive two DVD's: Beginning Drums and Coordination and Groove for one low drum combo-pack at 20% off the cover price- Click Here For Details


Eric Singer Of KISS
Beginner Drum lessons

All Access To Drumming. For the past two decades, Eric Singer has remained at the top of the list for ”First Call” Rock drummers. In “All Access To Drumming,” Eric shares his experience, drum techniques and many other drum lesson aspects that are essential to survive as a professional drummer in today’s world.

more drum lessons info

Drum instructor Chris Traylor provides a comprehensive drum lesson course that illustrates in detail several drum beats to help you play alone or play with a full band! Learn drum tuning, drum rudiments, Ride & Crash Cymbal
techniques, enhancing the basic drum rock beat, drum triplet patterns and much more

more beginning drum lessons info

advanced drums video
learn lead guitar video
Advanced Drum Patterns
Extreme Drum Techniques

Coordination & Groove. Get the tools to spark your creativity! With Coordination & Groove, Alan Schechner reveals his unique "before-and-after" system—known as "Transformations"—that will change the way you think about playing drums. Learn, step-by-step, how to create and play drum grooves and melodies simultaneously. You will be able to apply "Transformations" to all styles of music and any time signature.

more advanced drums lessons info

Learn the drum basics and way beyond. Randy's revolutionary way of applying techniques to the drum set guarantees results. Jam packed with extremely cool advanced drum techniques, grooves and tips for drummers at every level. Challenging drum rhythms broken down and easy to understand. Randy Van Patten has a teaching style unlike any other.

more extreme drum lessons info


Learn How To Play Bass

learn beginner bass video
learn rock bass lessons video
Beginner Bass Lessons
Rock Bass lessons

Tony Saunders has performed and recorded with countless well-known artists including: Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Elton John and many more! In Beginning Bass, Tony gives 4 and 5 string beginning players an up close detailed course in the fundamentals of beginning bass playing. Learn notes on the bass,major bass scales, right hand bass technique, blues bass progressions and live performance tips.

more beginning bass lessons info

World-renowned bassist Rudy Sarzo has been treating audiences for decades to his unique style of playing with such multi-platinum recording groups as Ozzy Osbourne, Quiet Riot,Whitesnake, Yngwie Malmsteen and Dio. Learn bass scales, bass Intervals, bass arpeggios, bass exercises bass modes and more.

more rock bass lessons info


Learn How To Play Piano

learn beginner bass video
Play The Piano - Beginner Piano Lessons

In Pete Sears 41 years as a professional musician, Pete has played Keyboards, Bass Guitar, or both with a large variety of artists including playing piano on the classic Rod Stewart albums, "Gasoline alley", "Every Picture Tells a Story", "Never a Dull Moment" and "Smiler", as well as the singles "Reason To Believe" and "Maggie May". Pete also played both Bass and Keyboards as a member of Jefferson Starship from 1974 to 1987. Now you can learn piano chords, piano scales, progressions and music theory.

more beginning piano lessons info

Learn How To Play Banjo

learn beginner banjo video
Beginner Bluegrass Banjo Lessons

Discover The Keys To Playing Your Favorite Songs on The Banjo, Master Techniques Faster and More Efficiently, and Dramatically Improve Your Banjo Skills Faster than Ever Before! Learn banjo tuning, banjo scales, banjo chords, patterns, banjo slides, forward rolls, backwards rolls and more. You will also learn these bluegrass banjo songs: Bile 'em Cabbage Down, Worried Man Blues, Liza Jane, Cripple Creek, foggy Mountain Breakdown and more.

more beginning banjo lessons info

Learn How To Play Mandolin

learn beginner banjo video
Beginner Bluegrass Mandolin Lessons

Learn Bluegrass Mandolin today! The proper fundamentals are explained in easy to follow step by step details by instructor Tom Bekeny. Tom Illustrates many essential techniques and patterns for any aspiring Mandolin player. Learn mandolin tuning, hand placement, mandolin picking techniques, mandolin scales, syncopation, double Stops, chords, tremolo. You will also learn bluegrass songs.

more beginning mandolin lessons info

Still not convinced? allow me to remind how you can't lose with our 100%, ironclad, money back guarantee for our products For all the future Guitar, Bass, Drums or Piano players out there. Are You Ready To Start Playing Your Favorite Instrument?

To your success,

Tony Williams, Principal

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