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Finally Revealed....Over 50 Lead Guitar Short-Cut Secrets For Gaining Total Guitar Fretboard Control And Rocketing From Raw Rookie To Sounding Like A Respected Mega-Skilled Shredder Almost Immediately!

Want to learn how to start playing guitar faster almost immediately... even against more experienced guitar players?

Until now, only a handful of professional guitar players and hand-picked amateurs have been allowed to learn these amazing “play guitar fast/play aggressive” secrets that practically guarantee you will always be a threat every time you pick up the guitar (even if you are a beginning player).

Now, with the unexpected release of this “insider” information, you can rocket from raw rookie to respected mega-skilled shredder almost immediately! Best of all, you can check it out yourself for FREE if you like...

how to play lead guitar
Tommy Bolan
From: Tony Williams

Dear Fellow Guitar Shred Junkie,

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to play lead guitar and “crack the code” on the secret skills that keep the best guitar players in the business entertaining crowds year after year, so you can start playing like a pro almost immediately... then this will be the most exciting thing you ever read.

Here’s the story: Every good player knows there are just three basic things behind playing aggressive lead guitar

learn lead guitar decent equipment...
guitar tabs practice..practice...practice
lead guitar lessons mastering the techniques of excellent playing.

Some guys think they can buy their way to the stage. You’ve seen ‘em. Top-of-the-line gear, mega-buck guitar, the works. But their playing ability suffers greatly. Shameful.

Still others scour the magazines and internet for any hint they can find on technique.

Well, guess what? The top players are keeping a nasty secret from all of you. Sure, they accept the freebie gear and guitars, and even occasionally “reveal” a tiny portion of their favorite tips on playing scales and licks and arpeggios.

But here’s something all the “fat cat” guitar instructors and advertisers don’t want you to know: When you finally learn the REAL secrets of blending playing guitar technique and “down and dirty” pro-level skills...

You Can Play Your Ass Off

On A Beat Up Hand-Me-Down Guitar!

Best of all...

It’s EASY...

Once You Know The Inside Short-Cut Secrets!

Here’s what we’ve got for you: You may have not heard of Tommy Bolan... but top professional players sure have. He’s been the most sought-after “secret weapon” in heavy metal shredding instruction for over 10 years now. Players from all over the world beg him for personalized instruction. Yes, even some of the Top known recording artists (as well as up-and-coming hotshot pro’s).

And they come despite the fact that Tommy has NEVER advertised his services. It’s all word-of-mouth. One player whispering to another.

Why do the best in guitar playing seek Tommy out? It’s simple. He’s the ONLY instructor who has taken real live playing experience, and merged it with cutting edge technique... to create the first hyper-effective player/instrument/ holistic approach to shredding on the guitar.

Yeah, that’s a mouthful. Here’s what it means:

how to play lead guitarTommy was a pro guitar player even back in the heady “ Guitar Shredder Period” of Heavy Metal (from 1987 to 1990). Even young players still talk about that period -- it was when the instrument finally evolved completely from “blues-pentatonic” type solos (you stay within a certain box of your preferred blues licks)... to the types of wicked licks and sleek speed runs everyone takes for granted today.

lead guitar scalesTommy first demonstrated his insane fretboard madness as the lead guitarist for the legendary band Warlock. His playing won critical acclaim on Heavy Metal Classic "Triumph & Agony" which spawned the hit single and video "All We Are".

Tommy currently fronts the band N.Y.C. In addition to his live performances with his band, Tommy is currently on a cross country instructional clinic tour demonstrating his arsenal of tips and tricks. He’s been “The Source” for helping players of every experience level, and age to become MONSTERS on the fretboard.

(Tommy Bolan Live In Action!!!)

Don’t be intimidated.. The bottom line is, you can learn these secret skills and techniques almost immediately...

  • No matter what condition your guitar & gear is in...
  • No matter what your current skill-level is (in fact, it’s almost better if you’re a raw rookie beginner, because you won’t have to un-learn any of your bad habits)...

It’s astonishingly easy... the secrets are simple to “get”... and, best of all...

You Will Get Everything
For FREE If You Choose!

Customer Testimonial:

Steps To Become A Metal Shredder :
"This video is great, its perfect for those guitar players that are looking to speed up their techniques. The video has on screen tabs which are a great help, and the instructor (Tommy Bolan) slows down his techniques to help out."
- Chris Sandoval (Whittier, CA)


Here’s the deal: We took Tommy and his favorite guitars and gear, plus a truck full of Hollywood-quality cameras and sound equipment down to a rehearsal studio in Southern California. There, we shot an entire days worth of video -- capturing nearly every single detail of Tommy's “professional guitar lessons” on becoming a faster and more efficient guitar player. He explains it, and then you SEE it as his hands command the fretboard. It’s the ONLY way to learn fast.

Then we went back to the editing bay, and “condensed” those piles of tape into one killer how to play lead guitar DVD that is already sending shock waves through the guitar playing world. What Tommy reveals in this video will instantly make you a faster and more efficient player, anytime you touch the guitar.

This means you’ll suddenly play guitar faster, better sounding shred licks... have more tricks in your arsenal than you ever believed possible (while everyone else is stuck in their rut)... and you will finally become a confident "shredder".

Yes, even against many more experienced and better equipped guitar players.

Here’s a taste of what you’re about to learn:

lead guitar riffs Guitar Warm up Exercises -- Get your fingers moving quicker, these licks alone will instantly give you leg up on your playing!

lead guitar scales Guitar Speed Techniques -- How to “command” the fretboard just like a hard-core pro!

lead guitar tricks Lead Guitar Scales -- Discover insider ways to break out of the (up the neck, then down the neck) rut.

lead guitar harmonics Guitar Harmonics -- Find Them everywhere on the fretboard, and use them to your advantage. Be the next Zakk Wylde!
lead guitar tabs Guitar String Skipping -- Useful control techniques, even most pro’s don’t know this secret!
learn lead guitar video Guitar Pendulum Picking -- One of the true insider tips to speed and control!
guitar arpeggios Lead Guitar Arpeggios -- You can do "sweeping" just like the "Big Boys"!
Guitar Tremolo Tricks -- There is so much more to do with that "Whammy Bar" than just "dive-bombs". discover many overlooked tactics!
lead guitar gear Live Guitar Gear Demos -- Tommy if fully endorsed by over 50 manufactures for a good reason. He breaks down step-by-step his favorite live and studio gear!

and way too much more to explain here.

Here is a sample clip of Tommy showing you guitar string skipping techniques that you can utilize right away!

You already know playing lead guitar is the most sought after aspect of playing an instrument.

Well... here, finally, are the pro-level secrets that will instantly help you harness your guitar energy, keep you excited and aggressive all through the course... while you use your new skills and tactics to blow everyone else out of the water. World-class guitar players have paid Tommy outrageous fees to learn this exact information. It’s the KEY to winning over the fretboard.

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Here’s how it works: Order the guitar lesson video. Watch it, use it, treat it as your own. If you are not completely blown away by what you’ve learned, after 1 year (plenty of time to check out everything for yourself)... then I INSIST you return the DVD to us (in any condition) for a fast refund of your purchase price. No questions asked. No hassles, either.

We’ve been in the music-intensive “video teaching” business since 2003. (Maybe you’ve seen our articles in Guitar Player or Guitar World.) We guard our reputation like a bulldog guards his home. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We’re fans of the instrument, just like you.

Remember -- you do not risk a penny. If you decide to return the video for a fast refund within your 1-year “check it out” period, you will have seen ALL these secrets for FREE. That’s how confident I am of Tommy's stuff. I think you’re gonna flip over what you discover. I think it’s gonna change your life, overnight.

You’ve spent a small fortune on guitar and gear already. Why not float just a few dollars more for the insider secrets of world-class aggressive shred techniques that will increase your enjoyment of the instrument... and help you slaughter the naysayer's? This is how you earn respect, awards and notoriety.

Click here now. Don’t get left out. And go get shredding just like the pro’s.

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Tony Williams, Principal

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