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Testimonials & Video Samples:

Below is a list of video samples and testimonials a few of our titles:
*Please note that these video samples are compressed lo-quality to allow for fast web viewing and do not properly reflect the hi-quality clarity of the final purchased product.*

"A+ DVD, I don't know how they can make it any easier to learn!" Learning Guitar Step 1
"Patrick McCormick presents an easy and educational step by step method for you to learn to play the guitar! Your lesson will begin with the very basics of guitar playing like , tuning the guitar , hand positions and holding the pick. You will then progress into detailed lessons explaining the entire fretboard, Major, Minor and 7th Chords, Scales,Rock and Blues progressions.If you are a beginning guitarist looking to learn to play along with your favorite songs in a few short lessons, then Learning Guitar Step 1 is for you!"
- Rikks Revues:

"Steps To Become A Metal Shredder " Tommy Bolan Metal Primer
"This video is great, its perfect for those guitar players that are looking to speed up their techniques. The video has on screen tabs which are a great help, and the instructor (Tommy Bolan) slows down his techniques to help out."
- Chris Sandoval (Whittier, CA):

"Easy to follow and he makes it fun " Greg Douglass Lead Guitar
This is one of the best instructional videos I have bought--and I have bought a lot. Greg is skilled, but he shows you simple and slow ways of making each song sound great. His style is easy to follow and he makes it fun. I have improved very noticeably since I started working with Greg on this DVD. I would recommend it to anyone. Greg rocks!
- Tramp "Blues Man" (Jackson, MI):

Well Worth The Price : Beginning Banjo
"Beginning Banjo gives you almost 2 hours of lessons. The instructors pace was not too fast for me so you should be able to follow him pretty well. Once he plays the songs for you, he breaks it down for you into sections with explanations of his techniques. The instructor starts with the basics of Banjo playing; tuning, scales and basic chords. you also learn techniques like rolls, hammer-ons and pull-offs. I like the bonus section the best because that has all of the lessons in a library sort of format that you can flip through as you need to. This DVD reference library feature should be plenty to get you going considering it was about 60-70 pages long and had many songs such as: Fireball Mail, Bile Them Cabbage Down, Worried Man's Blues, Liza Jane, Cripple Creek and more. I would consider the DVD well worth the price. "
- Tammie Snyder (Billings, MT):

Helpful: Flamenco Guitar Made Easy
"The instructional DVD is definitely helpful. It has a number of excellent right hand strumming & picking patterns. The DVD is well suited to people like myself who have never played flamenco guitar. He does a good job breaking down the right hand patterns in to smaller segments so that any one can learn them with practice. He also slows them down so they are understandable."
- Ben Martin (lake Tahoe, CA)

Pete Sears Teaches Piano : Learning Piano
"I am indebted to Mr. Sears for sharing his expertise in this DVD. It represents three hours of very well presented instructional material. His presentation style is a delight, and it is joy to a count this top professional among my teachers. I've reviewed a large number of piano instructional DVD's and this one stands out as my all time favorite. It is also very reasonably priced. His ending dialog on music appreciation is in itself almost worth the price of the DVD. Again, thank you Mr. Sears. I hope you will one day do another. "
- WP Fleming (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

A Must For Beginners: Beginners Blues Guitar
" I have been having so much fun playing along with this DVD. Every lesson is slowed down so you can really get your fingers around it and understand what is going on. It's great to learn several different blues rhythm patterns and then go through and ad a ton of lead licks and phrases to spice things up. The lead licks are definitely my favorite. This has been the most enjoyable instructional DVD I have used so far. If you are interested in learning how to play some cool blues guitar I can't think of a better place to start. Have fun~
- Sean Miller

FANTASTIC Video To Open Up New Creative Doors: Drums: Coordination & Groove
" Every player who desires to advance and add new "stuff" to their toolkit can benefit from this DVD. It's ALWAYS helpful to see things from different perspectives. Personally, I like to check out DVD's like this to INSPIRE me in new directions. I don't necessarily mimic every exact move on the video. The sheer independence stuff on here is exciting enough to make the light bulb pop on!
- J. Cefalu

Easy To Learn: Learning Acoustic Guitar
"The Instructor does a good job of giving you a introductory lesson in playing acoustic guitar.. not too slow... not too fast. He covers proper playing position, tuning by ear and how to use a tuner. He breaks down good basic chords to get you going. He also covers some progressions and various strumming patterns. The exclusive access feature that allows you to go online and download all the lessons in the DVD was very nice. A very good choice for a beginner.
- Ray Abrams

Eddie Ojeda Twisted Method
Twisted Sister guitarist Eddie "fingers" Ojeda gives Twisted fans throughout the world an up close and personal guide into his rockin' riffs and blazing solos! Now is your chance to learn the complete rhythms and solos to their rock anthems such as "I Wanna Rock" and "Were not Gonna Take It" as well as twisted classics "The Price" and "The Fire Still Burns". Eddie also gives tips and candid conversation about his gear, influences and "Twisted" beginnings.

* I Wanna Rock
* Were Not Gonna Take It
* The Fire Still Burns
* The Price

Rudy Sarzo Rock Bass Essentials
World-renowned bassist Rudy Sarzo has been treating audiences for decades to his unique style of playing with such multi-platinum recording groups as Ozzy Osbourne, Quiet Riot,Whitesnake, Yngwie Malmsteen and Dio. In this informative and entertaining video, Rudy explains in detail his approach to recording, live performing, constructing your own original bass lines and developing your improvisational skills. This instructional Bass DVD will take you from the beginner to intermediate levels. The easy to navigate menus offer random access to the skill levels and chapter points within each lesson, making it quick and easy to choose what you want to learn.

Entertaining & Insightful: Kiss Forever
"This is by far the most entertaining and insightful KISS guitar instructional video out there. Bruce and Bob each share 5 of their favorite KISS tunes that they played on with the band. Bob was the ghost guitarist for Ace Frehley back in the late 70's and early 80's and his selections cover the ALIVE II studio tracks, Paul Stanley's '78 solo album, and Killers.
- KingV (United States)

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