Learn Lead Guitar Lesson For Beginners

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Insider techniques to learn lead guitar for beginners

Greg Douglass is a versatile multi-platinum artist who has toured and recorded with Steve Miller, Van Morrison, Greg Kihn, Eddie Money and others.With over 100 minutes of instruction, numerous chapter marks for easy navigation and a fully interactive lesson library: Greg Douglass Lead Guitar is an entertaining and educational tool for today's guitar player.

Now You Can Discover:

  • Guitar Scale Patterns
  • Slide Techniques
  • Alternate Positions
  • Guitar Bends
  • Guitar Hammer Ons
  • Pull - Offs
  • Phrasing

Also Includes:

  • Interactive Lesson Library
  • Multiple Camera Angles
  • Password For Exclusive Access To Online Features

Running Time: 110 Minutes


"This is one of the best instructional videos I have bought--and I have bought a lot. Greg is skilled, but he shows you simple and slow ways of making each song sound great. His style is easy to follow and he makes it fun. I have improved very noticeably since I started working with Greg on this DVD. I would recommend it to anyone. Greg rocks!"
-Tramp "Blues Man"